Do You Like Comic Strips???

If you do then you’ll love The Adventures of Wesley Doodle©, an original comic strip found only in Heartbeat Christian News! You see it’s about a boy named Wesley and his stuffed dinosaur named Doodle. We all know the imagination of little boys is wondrous. So to Wesley, Doodle is as real as you and I. But to everyone else he is, well, a stuffed dinosaur. And so the fun and chaos and mis-adventure begins.

Now Doodle is the egotistical and not the brightest one of the two. Wesley is the witty, intelligent one who is often trying to bring the Doodle back down to earth. In some cases, literally so. Doodle is green and orange mischief and Wesley is known to share in that at times. The latest issue features a brand new episode called “Doodle Family Reunion” and my son, Wesley, loves it.

You can read all the previous episodes in our digital issues which are hosted in a PDF format here on our site. Click Here to go to that page. If you like and/or love this comic strip, which we often refer to as AWD, we’d love to hear from you. You can call/text us at (423) 381-0925 and e-mail us at Thank you and God bless all of you who support this wonderful work of the Lord!