We Now Offer Classified Ads – in Print & Online

Heartbeat Christian News has been in publication for 9 years now. One mission of this newspaper is to make it as appealing as possibly so that anyone will desire to pick it up; Christian or not. To that end, I wanted it to be like a phone directory for anyone to find a business they were in search of. We want this publication to be as effective for our advertisers as we can so that they will gain business from their ads in HBC News. In addition to that, another primary focus for us is winning souls to the Lord.

So we have done much work and are happy to announce officially that we offer Classified Ads in print and online. There is no extra charge to have your ad published online. We have excellent coverage in print spanning across 4 counties which is approximately 600 square miles. We do not date Heartbeat Christian News so that we may achieve maximum distribution. In the print business, your return rate is how many of the old issue you pick up when you replace it with the newest issue. A business owner didn’t believe me when I told her that our return rate was practically zero but it’s true. How? Because when are very conscious of how many we print and where we place them. If we have excess then we put them in our high traffic stands and/or bag them and distribute them to homes.

In 9 years, I can still just about count on both of my hands how many I have personally thrown away because they were just too messed up to give to someone. That is out of approximately 150,000 printed! God doesn’t like waste and neither do I. As of the printing of this update, the following are areas where we have no one represented in our classified section: Home Inspector, Carpenter, Exterminator, Mobile Auto Detailing, House Sitter, Carpet Cleaning and more. Simply check the Classified Ads page to see if your business area is represented: http://hbcnewsmonthly.com/classifieds

Call Today to Place your Classified Ad: (423) 381-0925.