Trouble Sleeping? … Restoration Sleep Solutions!

Not only is Restoration Sleep Solutions a chief supporter of Heartbeat Christian News but Dr. Tiffany K. Walker, DDS is very good at what she does! Until I met her, which was through complete Godly circumstances, I never knew Sleep Apnea could be treated through Dentistry. And she is passionate about what she does.

One of the most common treatments for Sleep Apnea is the CPAP machine and sometimes Dr. Walker still prescribes those. However, her primary method is an effective alternative non-surgical Oral Appliance Therapy. It’s effective and quiet. The best part is she is an expert at determining which method is best for you.

All this can be done starting with a free consultation with a Dentist who is a pleasure to work with. So don’t wait. Call Restoration Sleep Solutions at (423) 473-3104. And take the 90 second screening on their site: