Oh What a Mighty God We Serve! Read This Testimonial …

As a preacher of righteousness, I can’t even begin to describe for you the level of attacks, volume of warfare I go through, and any other true preacher, to get the word of God, rightly divided, into the highways and byways! But praise be to the Mighty God of Israel because He has and will deliver me out of them all! Not to mention, we too make mistakes, sin and fall short of His glory like anyone else but God is merciful and His grace is truly amazing.

I’ve been through a dark, dry valley spiritually here as of late and my faith weak at best. I will say be very careful and diligent, as much as possible, to what you let the devil tempt you with and false burdens (often disguised as “needs” but really are wants). With that being said, God knows I strive my level best never to judge others and pray to that same effect and we do reap what we sow.

I received a testimonial today by e-mail which made my spirit leap for joy like you can’t imagine and God used it to heal my soul like I can’t even explain. Please read it word for word and the article mentioned titled “IF” is the featured article in our 7 Year Anniversary Issue which you can read here: Click Here

Testimony: Hi, I just read your article in the paper and wanted to tell you that it is incredible. I just wanted to let you know that it touched me. I have been trying to get closer to God. I have found by talking to him in the morning before I get busy with all the crazy in my life and at night before I close my eyes, my life has changed drastically. I have a peace inside me that wasn’t there before. Many times I’ve tried to read the bible all the way through and it never seems to happen. I’ll get through 1/2 and be so lost. I don’t go to any churches around me sadly I’ve found people to be so judgy on what you wear and silly stuff like that. I have a daily app on my phone and it has a morning and a nightly word of God that I found to be really helpful. Coincidently I met a man named David at the flea market the other day and he showed me his app on his phone that he uses the King James version.  It’s been terrific to have it read to me while I go about my business during the day. I can retain it much better and I hope to get through the entire book this time. Anyhow, I really needed to read what you wrote in this article at this time and wanted you to know that God sends messages when you need it most and for me today it was sent thru you to me. If youve acomplished nothing else today just know that you have helped me stay grounded. God bless you. From Dawn B.