Did You Know? We have our own original comic strip? Read on …

The Lord blessed me with a skill I didn’t even know I had and for which I have NO formal training for. The ability to author and draw a comic strip that has come to be loved by many; including myself LOL.

The Adventures of Wesley Doodle© is around 7 years in publication now and is a lot of wholesome, mischievous fun. In all honesty, the primary purpose of this wonderful comic strip is to get people who are lost to pick up HBC News and to read it but mostly to notice the article on the opposite page Lost at Sea. Lost at Sea is a staple article in Heartbeat Christian News geared strictly for people who have never said yes to God.

The comic strip is about a boy, Wesley my son, and his stuffed dinosaur which he has had since he was about a year and a half old named Doodle. Wesley is 17 now but Doodle never ages 🙂 The premise being to Wesley and his imagination, Doodle is real but to everyone else, just a stuffed dinosaur. Nearly every episode of AWD, you will find on page 7 of the digital issues. We hope you enjoy them and let us know what you like about this awesome comic strip.

E-mail: todd@hbcnewsmonthly.com | Ph: (423)381-0925 | Postal: HBC News ~ Attn: AWD ~ PO Box 1378 Athens, TN 37371

Adventures of Wesley Doodle in Heartbeat Christian News