It Works! Advertising with Heartbeat Christian News …

Received an exciting text from Dana at Feezell Total Maintenance yesterday, Tuesday May 28, 2019, about a customer who called them from their ad they had seen in Heartbeat Christian News! The Lord gave me an idea about redesigning their ad for the latest issue and simplifying it and, praise God, it worked!

Our advertisers do get clients directly from their ads in Heartbeat Christian News such as Danny Osment of Osment Discount Flooring Outlet. He told me he has received several buying customers from his ad in HBC News. Keith Nitsch, Coldwell Banker Realtor extraordinaire, had a lady in Etowah, TN commit to using him as her buyer’s agent because of his ad in HBC News. Larry Ballew of Ballew Jewelry (since passed and we miss him!) told me before he passed that he received a good bit of business by advertising with us.

Now for the best part. Because this is a work of the Lord, God blesses all of our faithful advertisers for supporting this work because it’s His newspaper and not mine. And that is regardless of budget size. God honors faithfulness and we all know that he that soweth bountifully SHALL also reap bountifully! So business that comes directly from an ad is icing on the cake!

So what are you waiting for? We have space and you should call today: (423)435-1601