Print – Simply the Best Advertising

In this digital world we live in, we are inundated with constant distractions. Smartphones, television, electronic billboards and the like keep our minds garbled. Ever wonder why why TikTok and YouTube and the like have such short segments? Because people’s attention span is so short. It is a scientifically proven fact. Which is why print advertising is still the best! Take a look at just some of the reasons why in the image above this article.

But what makes Heartbeat Christian News even better is we don’t date our papers. So you get 100% return on your ads because what doesn’t get taken, we bring back to the office and eventually distribute in paper drops within our 4 county area. Plus, there is no useless content in HBC News. It’s all given by inspiration of the Lord and not affiliated with any man made doctrines. One very common testimonial I hear from our readers is they read every page. Praise God for that right! And the print quality is so good due to the fact that we use brite white (35lb) paper and have such an excellent printer in Sun Coast Press, many call it a magazine.

If you needed another reason, we have the BEST advertising rates of any publication period for the area we cover. And all of our advertisers with very few exceptions get a FREE Classified Ad which gets updated on our website every month. What are you waiting for? Call Today to place your ad: (423) 381-0925 and remember that we offer free ad design and you can change your ad every month for no extra cost. We offer discounts when you pay by the quarter, semi-annually and annually. Thank you and God bless!

We also promote our advertisers on Facebook, LinkedIn and our website and word of mouth at NO extra charge!