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After publishing Heartbeat Christian News for 9 years, I was quite surprised when the Lord laid it on my heart to write a book. Shortly after, the Lord gave me the title, The Psychology of Satan – Christians Know Your Enemy, and I fell in love with it. My son loved it as well and about everyone else I mentioned it to. Does publishing a Christian newspaper qualify me to author a book? Perhaps not but the Lord is the One Who tasked me to do it so what better endorsement than that right.

God has given me a tremendous amount of wisdom, knowledge, revelation and understanding in His Word for which I am extremely thankful. My son calls me a walking bible but I love the word of God; the original King James Version. The purpose for this literary work is to do just what the title implies which is to help Christians understand the power and limitations of the devil. By the grace of God, I’ve attempted to break down all the sinister methods of Satan along with the scriptures that will help every reader to better overcome the enemy.

Just bear in mind when you are reading this book, that while it is important to know your adversary, to never let it consume you and take your eyes off of Jesus. I’ve learned this lesson first hand. I pray this book, by the grace of God and faith of Jesus Christ, will make you wiser and stronger against mankind’s #1 foe and help you get closer to the Lord. Please let us know how you like it.


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