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If you live anywhere in the continental United States, you can send us a message by several methods to request your FREE copy of Heartbeat Christian News! What is HBC News? It’s an independent Christian newspaper to help ALL Christians by rightly dividing the word of God. We have been in publication for nearly 10 years now by the grace of God. And we have a loyal reader base of Christians from many different denominations and professions of faith.

One neat thing about Heartbeat Christian News is how many times I have heard from readers who say they read every page of the paper. I don’t ever hear that about other newspapers even though I’m sure it’s true. But it blesses my soul when I do hear these reports. What makes HBC News so special? Well, it’s because it is a verified work of the Lord with many signs and miracles. But, most importantly, you can verify everything that is printed by the original King James Version of the Holy Bible. At least any teaching about living for the Lord.

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