Best Print Advertising …

What do you look for in print advertising? You look for a publication that has content that folks really want to read. A publication that has excellent print quality and good distribution. Wouldn’t it be a bonus if that same publication wasn’t dated to effect near 100% distribution of every issue that is printed. How about the fact that that same publication was free in print and online. And best of all, a true Christian newspaper that is geared to help ALL Christians by rightly dividing the word of God and helping to fulfill the great commission of Jesus!

Look no further than right here to Heartbeat Christian News. A newspaper whose print quality is so good that many call it a magazine. I call it a hybrid because, in my experience, it’s the first newspaper with print quality so good that folks think it’s a magazine. Even better, as an advertiser, you have a publisher who is passionate about promoting this work and all of our advertisers in print, on our website and social media. As well as personally referring each advertiser every chance I get.

If that wasn’t enough, our ad rates are simply the best for the area we cover; no exceptions. Top that with the fact that we offer free ad design and do not require expensive contracts. So what are you waiting for? Call us today to place your ad and we can guarantee that if you are faithful in your advertising, regardless of ad size, God will bless your business. We’ve seen it many times over the course of 9 years. And every facet of this work proves it’s a work of the Lord and for that we are very thankful to Almighty God.

Call: (423) 381-0925 today to place your ad. Ad rates start as low as $20/monthly.