Cracker Barrel Has Lost Their Mind

As a Christian who is also a preacher and a former employee of Cracker Barrel for almost 9 years, I am grieved to the core at the awful decline of what once voted America’s Best Family Restaurant for the USA. When I moved from Oregon to Tennessee in 2011, I had purposed in my heart that I wanted to go to work for Cracker Barrel as a server because I knew it by reputation to be a wholesome, family restaurant. I was not disappointed at all for the first 5 years or so I worked there. Then I watched the beginning of the moral decline within the rank and file and it got so bad that it didn’t help to speak up about it at all anymore. The profanity became an every day thing along with the dirty jokes and every other standard began to fall with it. The dress code, work ethic and anything wholesome.

It only stood to reason that the company announcement in the early summer of 2020 that they were test marketing the sale of alcoholic beverages to put the nail in the coffin. The Lord had put it in my heart to put in my two week notice just prior to that hideous addition to their offering. It was completely contrary to everything this great restaurant and country store was founded on. Cracker Barrel lost their identity and has been going downhill ever since! I’ve been gone from there for almost 3 years as an employee/server and I hear from folks here all the time about how much worse it has become. No Christian or any other person I deem morally upright can understand why they would have ever thought to add alcoholic beverages to their menu. Instead of staying in the lane where God had blessed them so mightily for 50 years as a wholesome, family restaurant and country store, now they are just like every other chain restaurant and on the decline.

I am writing this for several reasons. First and foremost, because God laid it on my heart to write and gave me the title. Because someone needed to speak up in a public manner in the hopes that perhaps someone with major decision making power for Cracker Barrel will hear tell of this article and contact me to give them wise counsel on how to get back their greatness. Another reason being is so that any of you who are Christians who can pray and actually get an answer from God will pray for Him to make the necessary changes to help this company. I know the world around us is getting worse but perhaps those of us who know the Lord can agree enough in prayer for God to bring this multi-million dollar company back to their senses. I personally have enough boldness in the faith to stand face to face with any of them all the way up to their CEO and tell them they are wrong and they need to undo the insanity.


Todd Abraham – publisher – Heartbeat Christian News

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