Need a Good Laugh? :0)

One thing I love about Heartbeat Christian News is The Adventures of Wesley Doodle© which is an original comic strip found only in this newspaper. What makes it so special is the ability to draw and author it comes directly from the Lord. After all, God gave us our imagination and, if used for good, can be very helpful to us throughout our lives. You see, before doing Heartbeat Christian News, I never did any sort of drawing or such. So when I discovered I was able which led to this comic strip, I was overjoyed.

What is it about? It’s about a boy named Wesley and his stuffed dinosaur named Doodle but to Wesley he is real. These two always seem to be into something fun and mischievous. Doodle is obviously more of the trouble maker and Wesley is the fixer. Trust me when I tell you it’s funny. Again the question is … do you need a good laugh?!