Congratulations – Johnson’s Home Furnishings!

I stand in awe at the faithfulness of our advertisers in Heartbeat Christian News. I know it’s the Lord Who does it because I personally don’t spend lots of time wooing each one to stay on board with us. They do it because they love the Lord and believe in what we are doing. And, yes, our advertisers do get business from their ads in Heartbeat Christian News!

With that being said, what can I say about Johnson’s Home Furnishings in Athens, TN other than they are amazing. First, they are one of the two chief supporters of this work of the Lord. A Platinum, Anchor Advertiser if you will. Secondly, they are the nicest folks on the planet and have the most beautiful furniture store I’ve seen in a very long time. The lighting in the store is total class. Finally, they carry such a beautiful variety of furniture and mattresses and so perfectly displayed in three stories of elegant shopping.

The Lord blessed me with the slogan they now use which is “Shop Comfortably, Buy Comfortable”. And that is exactly the experience you will have when you shop at Johnson’s. No pressure, friendly and knowledgeable help and folks who know their business to help you pick the perfect selection for your home.

You owe it to yourself to come to Johnson’s Home Furnishings in downtown Athens, TN on East Madison Ave and see all the brand name furniture to delight your home. Thank you Johnson’s for your wonderful support of Heartbeat Christian News!

Come Home to Johnson’s!