The Chop Shop Barber Shop!

What can we say about The Chop Shop Barber Shop in Cleveland, TN that is NOT good? Nothing is the simple answer! Professional, friendly and gifted barbers who are also personable, friendly and committed to excellence.

Why? Well it starts with great leadership in the person of Daniel Graham who is the owner, a stylist as well and voted Best of the Best for the Cleveland Daily Banner. If that doesn’t seem impressive, consider Cleveland, TN is a city of about 60,000 people with tons of hair salons and barber shops.

Combine all of this with 2 classically decorated barber shops which are conveniently located and clean. Plus, Daniel pays for his stylists to receive continuing education so they are always up to date on the latest trends in hair design. The endorsement of Best of the Best from Heartbeat Christian News is not given easily so congratulations Chop Shop on this award! You earned it. It’s also where I get my hair cut if that helps.