A Whole Lot of Funny … AWD :)

I am so thankful to the Lord for the gift of being an artist! Not a Rembrandt or a Picasso or for that matter, like any of the local artists I know who are so talented. No I do art the basic way like I play the piano, which is also a God given gift. I chord on the piano and draw funny and basic comic strip characters. It’s called The Adventures of Wesley Doodle© and it’s original and only found in Heartbeat Christian News!

You see I never knew I could draw until shortly before I moved to Athens, TN from Cottage Grove, OR and even then, I only drew one thing; Doodle 🙂 The lovable, mischievous, innocently arrogant neon green dinosaur who is stuffed but you’d never know it after reading AWD. His sidekick, the star of the strip and my awesome son, Wesley, is his alter ego of sorts.

You see it’s about a boy and his stuffed dinosaur who to him is real but to everyone else, well he’s just stuffed. It is designed to make people laugh and does from what we hear but the primary purpose is to get those who aren’t Christians, or who once were and have fallen away, to pick up Heartbeat Christian News and read it.

In closing, pardon my wordy wordiness but I love what I do and I love this comic strip because it makes me laugh too and I’m the one who authors it 🙂 Imagine that! Let us know if you like it as well by calling: (423)381-0925 or writing us: Heartbeat Christian News | PO Box 1378 | Athens, TN 37371 or emailing us: todd@hbcnewsmonthly.com. Thank you and God bless and scroll down 🙂