Buy a Franchise in Heartbeat Christian News!

Heartbeat Christian News has been in print for 11+ years. It is a true work of the Lord verified with many signs, miracles and wonders. The mission of HBC News is to get the word of God, rightly divided, into the highways and byways to help ALL Christians. Regardless of where they go to church or how they profess to believe. It is a strong ministry to those who love the Lord in sincerity but don’t go to church for all sorts of reasons. Also, to those who do go to church and love as much teaching and preaching as they can get in the word of God. It has been my vision to take this newspaper nationwide for almost as long as we have been publishing. But every thing pertaining to the word of the Lord has to be done in God’s timing and for His glory.

The very exciting news about all this is that now you can truly benefit from this expansion nationwide by buying a franchise in Heartbeat Christian News! Why would you do that? There are so many reasons why but let me see if I can list just a few.

1. The initial buy in fee, right to own an HBC News Franchise, is 2/3 less than the average buy in fee for any other franchise.
2. The ability to go from the red to the black, financially, in less than a year is very achievable.
3. The joy of being your own boss while helping in verified work of the Lord.
4. Being your own boss while helping spread the gospel of Jesus Christ.
5. Setting your own schedule.
6. The content for each monthly issue as well as the layout provided by HBC News and all you do is supply the advertisers.
7. Advertising is still one of the most lucrative professions in the world!

To be one of the first franchisees for Heartbeat Christian News and all the info, call Todd Abraham at (423) 381-0925 anytime between 9am – 8pm EST.