Weichert Realtors – SEM Associates – Thank you!

What can be said about Weichert Realtors – SEM Associates other than AWESOME! Todd Jewell and his team of Professional Realtors are just that; professional. Highly trained, friendly, knowledgeable and ready to serve you. And they are one of the original, anchor advertisers for Heartbeat Christian News having been with us for 8 years! Yes I love exclamation points!

As a newspaper publisher and ad designer and one who is a perfectionist from the word “go”, I take painstaking efforts to make the ads and this newspaper look as perfect as possible. But we don’t always get it right. Over the years, Todd has been amazing in that he has never complained about the ad size, location or even the few times I completely overlooked his ad and forgot to include it.

So a ginormous Thank You to Todd Jewell and Weichert Realtors – SEM Associates for being a long standing facet of this diamond we call Heartbeat Christian News. A newspaper dedicated to helping every Christian who loves the Lord in sincerity.