An Alternative New Site YOU Need to Know! …

I’ve been watching this site: for years. It’s an excellent news source that is very opposite to the all the mainstream media sites. What you need to know is the sinister powers that control the money of the world and are working feverishly to bring in the one world government and church, also owns ALL the major media outlets.

Did you ever wonder WHY all the news sources are nearly identical??? You hear only what they want you to hear and hear it 24/7! Did you ever ask yourself, or even better, pray earnestly and ask God the truth about this sort of thing? Most every bit of news is read from teleprompters and what is printed goes through approved sources only.

Now it’s too late for any common man to do anything to undo what has taken years to establish but it’s not too late for me to warn you to get close to God. And ask Him to open your eyes to what is really going on behind the scenes. What amazes me is Christians who still think it’s all a conspiracy theory! Friend it’s not a theory at all but THEIR NEWS SOURCES LABEL IT THAT TO KEEP THE COMMON MAN IN A STATE OF DELUSION. Did you think those who serve the devil are going to make any of their plans known? Wow friend, there is SO much you need to know.

My dearest friend on this planet for many years passed away recently and he was a true prophet of God! Many of the things that are taking place today, including this Corona Virus pandemic, he prophesied and some of them many years ago. He warned any who would listen decades ago that the trojan horse was already in this country. Are you ready for the coming of Jesus?